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Supporting families

What I do

I assist families with children with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties by giving them the tools they need to work together in a more meaningful way. These tools are carefully designed to inform and empower parents, so that they are able to work directly with their children and have more constructive conversations with class teachers, SENCos and local authorities too.

What I deliver

  • A specialist report summary. 
  • A 90-minute assessment session and pupil profile.
  • A 90-minute assessment session, identified long term learning needs and a personalised learning plan.
  • A package of six, one-to-one specialist teaching lessons.
  • Parent/teacher summary letters. 
  • Bespoke activity packs for families wanting multi-sensory ideas to help them better support their child at home. 
‘It has been such a privilege to watch you teach. E has benefitted so much from your methodical and incremental approach.’
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